Slaves Held by Joel Dickinson, Wayne County, North Carolina

Joel Dickinson was another brother of my ancestor, David Dickinson and a son of Daniel Dickinson. Joel left a will dated December 19, 1792 in Wayne County, North Carolina, naming 15 enslaved people. 

To wife Mary: negro man Ben, negro women Esther and Sare (Sarey or Sarah)

To son Isaac: three negroes, Banner, Lige and Diner (Dinah)

To son Matthew: three negroes, Simon, Lasse (?), Sealea (Sealy or Celia)

To daughter Martha, three negroes, Jinne (Jenny), Moses, and Jim

To daughter Charity, three negroes, Suke (Sukey), Febery (Phoebe) and Bob

North Carolina, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998, Original wills Aldridge, Mary B. – Etheridge, William. Record for Joel Dickinson.

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