William Oldham and Phillippa Sowter

William (or John) Oldham, with his wife, Phillippa Sowter, was one of the founding settlers of Wethersfield, Connecticut. He was born about 1568 in or near Derby, Derbyshire, England. His daughter, Lucretia Oldham, married Jonathan, the son of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, and my 11th great-grandfather. Mama Kelly's 8th great-grandparents.

Elder William Brewster and Mary Wentworth

Born in 1560 in the town of Scrooby in Nottinghamshire, England, William Brewster married Mary Wentworth, and studied briefly at the college of Cambridge before becoming active in the movement to reform the Anglican church. His congregation eventually emigrated to the more religiously tolerant environment of Leyden, Holland, where he began publishing religious tracts that were circulated … Continue reading Elder William Brewster and Mary Wentworth