Miles Bembry as Plantation Overseer

In researching my brickwall ancestor and 5th great-grandfather, Miles Bembry (1766-1838), I have been researching his FAN (Friend Associate Neighbor) club in depth for some time. However, recently, I consulted with a professional genealogist, and this caused me to realize that I needed to be more systematic in my research and develop more visual aids … Continue reading Miles Bembry as Plantation Overseer

When Your Ancestor Was Found Under a Cabbage Leaf

Miles Bembry is the first Bembry in America that I have been able to identify. For years, off and on, I've been trying to figure out where he came from. I've researched online and in libraries. I've tried cluster genealogy, researching his neighbors, business associates and probable former slaves. His origins remain a complete mystery. … Continue reading When Your Ancestor Was Found Under a Cabbage Leaf