A Spendy Scoundrel Hiding in the Branches

Richard Dicken wasn't considered trustworthy by his father in law. Apparently, he had his reasons.

Will of Catharine Walton Harris, 1810

Catharine Walton Harris was the wife of Nathan Harris I, and my 7th great-grandmother. She outlived her husband by nearly 20 years, to about age 90. Like him, she took a very personal interest in her estate, and like him, she had no compunction about selling her "negroes," including several children. But, interestingly, she made … Continue reading Will of Catharine Walton Harris, 1810

Researching Slave-Holding Ancestors

There are two topics that are guaranteed to come up in just about ongoing discussion of American family history research: slavery and slave ownership. Genealogy television shows frequently explore the subject: of course you would expect to see that on Henry Louis Gates' excellent African-American Lives. But, it's remarkable how many celebrities (not all Southern) … Continue reading Researching Slave-Holding Ancestors