More Bembry Shenanigans

While digging around for Dicken deeds I ran across a deed from my 5th great-grandfather, Miles Bembry to James H Smith that I had somehow overlooked. It turned out to be an important part of the tangled tale of Kenneth Bembry, slippery politician, bits and pieces of which I have accumulated over the years, often … Continue reading More Bembry Shenanigans

Richard Dicken: Not Quite Dead Yet

So, as it turns out, Richard Dicken, my 5th great-grandfather was not quite as dead as I thought he was by 1819. And there's a moral to that story! I had assumed for years that since Richard Dicken's estate was found in Edgecombe county probate files that he must in fact be dead. Furthermore Thomas … Continue reading Richard Dicken: Not Quite Dead Yet