Slaves Held by Isaac Dickinson, Wayne County, North Carolina

While browsing through Wayne County estate files to sort out Dickinsons, I ran across several records naming enslaved people. Though these are not my direct ancestors, from here on out, I’ve decided to post any slaveholding records I find that might be helpful to other researchers.

Isaac Dickinson (or Dickerson) was the son of John Dickinson and brother of my ancestor, Daniel Dickinson. Isaac died about 1787, leaving four minor daughters as his heirs. In 1800, when all four had presumably all reached the age of 18, Isaac’s estate was divided between them. The following document, commonly known as a “division of negroes,” includes the names of sixteen enslaved people.

Priscilla Dickerson: four negroes by the name of Tom, Bet, Charles and Fillis valued at 224 pounds

Polley Dickerson the wife of Jesse Mullin four negroes named Charles, Luce, Tom and Chary valued at 235 pounds

Betsey Dickerson four negroes named Bob, Jenny, Raford and Levi valued at 230 pounds

Sarah Dickerson four negroes named Abram, Lane, Will and Quom (?) valued at 256 pounds

North Carolina Wills and Estates 1663-1979 at Family Search. Wayne County, record for Isaac Dickinson (1787).

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    1. Yes, one thing I learned from looking through estate files etc. is that the name constantly switched between Dickinson, Dickenson and Dickerson. My line settled into Dickerson in TN from 1840 onward.

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