A Few People Enslaved by the Lanier Family of Davidson County, Tennessee

A few days ago I ran across pages from a Lanier family Bible, kindly posted to Ancestry by another user. I downloaded and transcribed the pages, and in the process found a list of “Age for Collored People.”

Based on other information in the Bible, I believe these people were enslaved in Davidson County, Tennessee, either by Susannah Lanier Parker, wife of William Parker, or her brother John Lanier and his wife Dicey Parker, my 4th great grandparents.

From a Bible originally owned by William Lanier (1755-1811) and inherited by his children. Original copy available at the Tennessee State Archives, based on stamps on the pages.

Age for Collored People

Alexander son of Isaac and Aggy born 30 May 1834

William son of same Borned 23 Aug 1835

Araminta Jane Daughter of same born 18 May 1837

Susan Emaline Daughter of same Born 13 Oct 1838

Unfortunately, I do not have any further information at this time. But I wanted to put this page online in case it is useful to anyone.


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