Cannie Bembry’s Estate

There was a second Kenneth Bembry,* the son of John Bembry. He went by the name “Cannie,” served with the 63rd Georgia Infantry, and was killed at the battle of Gettysburg in 1863.

Cannie died intestate, but his probate file includes the following enslaved people. I can find no record of their sale, so perhaps his widow, Ann, kept them until emancipation. If you are researching these people, please note that Cannie lived in Dooly County, even though his will was probated in Pulaski County.

Jacob, a negro Man (aged) $400

Jerry  ”  ” $1,500

Tom  “ “ $1,800

Emeline, a Woman $1,000

Jane, a Woman $1,200

Jane and child Mary $1,600

Artimicia, a Girl $1,400

* Cannie Bembry is not in my direct line, but I have downloaded and sorted out all the Bembry probate files from Family Search, because many documents have been mis-filed under the wrong Bembry. 

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