Kenneth Bembry’s Estate

Family Search has provided another Bembry estate file, that of Kenneth Bembry  who died intestate in Tallahassee in 1854. His inventory reveals a a somewhat luxurious household including mahogany furniture, silverware, crystal, and of course, a list of “negroes.”

Unfortunately, the file does not include a record of the estate sale, so there is no indication as who purchased the listed individuals. However, Kenneth’s daughter, Harriet, administrator of the estate, was married to Robert Westwood Fisher, a wealthy plantation owner. So, it is likely that many of the people listed below went with her.

Phill $700

George $900

Eliza $650

Sarah $400

Melinda $250

Vina (Dina?) $200

Leonard $150

Alonzo $1,000

Sam $1,100

Warren $850

Harry $1,000

Lavinia & child $900

Daniel Webster $200

Morris $900

Malita & (illegible) $850

Dick $600

Kelly $500

Agnes $350

Charles $300

Rachel E $200

George $650

Nancy & Kizzy $800

Prince $700

Peter $700

Peter $600

Grace $300

Harriet & Lemon $1,000

Charity $200

Fanny $150

Venus $700

King $800

Frank $800

Juda $250

John $200

Dennis $150

Mary & child (?) (page cut off)

Allace (ditto)

Rachael B (ditto)

Juda (ditto)

Kathy (ditto)


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