Slaves Held By John and Maria Wiggins Bembry of Pulaski County, Georgia

Just came across this Pulaski County, Georgia deed in which Maria Wiggins Bembry mortgages the estate of her (presumably deceased) husband, John Bembry. The deed names several enslaved people. She apparently defaulted on the mortgage, as a later newspaper announcement of an auction (below) list some of the same names.

Pulaski County

This indenture made this the twenty eighth day of June in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and forty one between Maria Bembry and Ulysses Crutchfield. 

Witnesseth that the said Maria did make her several promissory notes as security for David Scarborough and Nathaniel Wade on the twenty eighth day of February last for the sum of Five hundred and three Dollars and twenty seven cents 

now for and in Consideration of the sum of five Dollars by the said Crutchfield to the said Maria in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged as well as for the better securing the payment of the aforesaid Sum the said Maria hath granted bargained sold and by these presents bargain and sell unto the said Crutchfield

all the title interest or [illegible] in the Estate of John Bembry consisting of one lot of Land number two hundred and forty six (246) in the third district of the County aforesaid and the half of Lot number six in the fourth district of formerly Dooly now Pulaski County

also her part of share of said Estate consisting of Jacob, Dick, and Peter men slaves. Cate, Sabry women. Harriett, Emmy, Caroline, Hannah, and Jane girl slaves. Jerry, Sam, Nathan and Aron boy slaves. 

And two horses or a mare and one horse twelve head of stock cattle some hoggs to leave and the old the above property or said [illegible] between in and to it unto him the said Crutchfield his heirs or assigns forever in fee simple 

Provided nevertheless that if the said Maria should pay or cause to be paid the aforesaid sum unto said Crutchfield [illegible] his heirs or assigns together with Lawful interest thereon or before the first day of January Eighteen hundred and forty three then and from thence forth to will this present Indenture and the right to the property thereby conveyed as the before mentioned promissory notes shall cause determine and be bond to all interests and purposes.

In witness whereof the said Maria hath hereunto set her hand and seal the day and year above written

Signed sealed and acknowledged in presence of Maria Bembry [LS}

Enos Scarborough
William Farnell JP

Entered August 13th 1841

John V. Mitchell Clk

Here is the sale announcement from the Macon Telegraph dated May 2, 1843.

Dooly June Sales

Will be sold before the Court House door in the town of Vienna, Dooly county, on the first Tuesday (?) in June next, within the normal hours of sale, the following property (illegible).

Nine negroes, Jacob, about 30 years old, Dick, about 20 years old, Cale (Cate?), 20 years old, Amy (Emmy?), 11 years old, Caroline, 8 years old, Hannah, 6 years old, one boy, Aron, 4 years old, Jane, 2 years old, one infant named Tone, 6 months old, and 300 (?) acres of Land, more or less, in the 3d district of Dooly, No. not known, but known as the John Bembry place. Levied on as the property of Maria Bembry (illegible) sundry Fi Fas (illegible) from Justice’s Court in favor of Nathaniel Wade vs Mariah Bembry and David Scarborough, for the use of Jno. Boatright. 


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