Matthew Griswold and Anna Wolcott

Matthew Griswold, born about 1620 in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England (near Coventry), arrived in Massachusetts in 1639 in a group led by the Reverend John Wareham.

He married Anna (or Hannah) Wolcott who born about 1620 in Tolland, Somerset, England. She arrived with her parents, Henry Wolcott and Elizabeth Saunders, on the “Mary and John” as part of the Winthrop Fleet at Nantasket, Massachusetts.

They later moved to Windsor, Connecticut, where Henry Wolcott became one of the first twelve men elected to the Connecticut General Assembly in 1637 as a well as a major producer of hard cider.

There are some interesting pictures of Wolcott homes and other sites relevant to the family in Somerset on this page.

At one point, Anna Wolcott was accused (and acquitted) of witchcraft.

“In 1667 John Tillerson charged the wife of Matthew Griswold of Lyme of being a witch and induced others to suspect her of witchcraft; for which Matthew caused him to be arrested and arraigned before the court.This John stated the cause of his suspicions and jealousies.The court decided that she was not a witch and that he had no cause to be jealous of her; that he had greatly sinned in harboring such jealousy against so good a neighbor who had done him many favors. But as he was poor, the Court to recompense Mrs. Griswold for the wrong, and to clear her of all suspicions of the offense, ordered that the opinion of the court should be published by the constables of Saybrook and Lyme, at some public meeting, and ordered Tillerson to pay 7 shillings for the express warrant, and 5 shillings for the constable.”

From The Griswold Family England-America.

If you are also a descendant of Anna Wolcott Griswold, you are eligible for membership in the Associated Daughters of Early American Witches. Just FYI. 🙂

colonial witch

Mama Kelly’s 6th great-grandparents.

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