Captain George Denison and Lady Ann Borodell

Born in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, George Denison arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony with his father, William Denison aboard the “Lion” in 1632 as part of the Great Migration. His father was among a group of Roxbury, Massachusetts (now part of Boston) men “disarmed” for their support of the theologian and proto-evangelist Anne Hutchinson.

Captain George first married Bridget Thompson of Roxbury, and upon her early death, returned to England to serve in Cromwell’s New Model Army during the English Civil War.

George was severely wounded at the Battle of Naseby. He was sent to Cork, Ireland, for some reason, to recover, at the home of John Borodell, a wealthy Anglo-Irish leather merchant. He was nursed by Borodell’s daughter, “Lady” Ann, whom he later married.

George and Lady Ann emigrated to Roxbury, and eventually were among the first settlers of Stonington, Connecticut, living in a stockaded house there. He was described as “the Miles Standish of the settlement” and was a notable military leader in King Phillip’s War against the Pequot Indians.

After the threat of Indian attacks was over, George and Lady Ann built a “grate house” in the nearby village of Mystic, Connecticut, and were known for “grate feasts” which often included his many children and grandchildren. He served in various capacities for the Connecticut government, and died in Hartford in 1694 while on business there.

Lady Ann lived to the impressive age of 97, dying in 1712 at their home in Mystic, CT.

"Lady" Anne Borodell Denison
“Lady” Anne Borodell Denison
Mama Kelly’s 7th great-grandparents.

7 thoughts on “Captain George Denison and Lady Ann Borodell

  1. I am descended from his first wife Bridget Thompson. He went to England after the death of Bridget leaving his 2 daughters in the care of his inlaws. He returned home to his 2 daughters, with his new wife. Ann was the daughter of his commanding officer.

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  2. Hello cousin. I am descended from Margaret Borodell, a sister of your Ann. She married first to Rev. Thomas Shepard (as his third wife) and they had one child, a son, Rev. Jeremiah Shepard (my ancestor). Thomas Shepard died when his son was only one year old, leaving Margaret a young widow. She married second to Rev. Jonathan Mitchell and they had several children. Her sister Ann and husband George Denison are much more well-known. The sibling kinship between Ann and Margaret is proven by historical records in America.

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  3. Captain George Denison is my 9th great grandfather. My mother was a Denison and she is the last surviving member of her immediate family. I find this history very fascinating.

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    1. I am from a line of Denison’s that also show Captain Dennison and Lady Ann As my 10th grandparents. My grandmother was Anna Mae Denison.

      Kindly, Linda


  4. Just found a tiny framed portrait of her that belonged to my great aunt (Johnson City, Tennessee). In her writing, it says on the back “My 7th great grandmother. Original portrait hangs in the library in Newport, RI.”


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