Joseph Sumner’s Will

Last Will and Testament of Joseph Sumner:

I, Joseph Sumner, of this state and county, do feel that my departure is at hand and my soul I give to God, and my body to be buried, and I bequeath to my beloved wife my fattening hogs that is now up, and my corn and one bed and the furniture that belong to it, and I bequeath to my beloved Alexander Sumner five cows and their calves and all the rest of my property to be divided between my wife and my children after my decease, only one cow and her increase which I beqeath to (?) Fosque. I feel a disposition to cut off my daughter, Mary Land, without anything, only five dollars, but her children to have a child’s part, and I do appoint my son, Joseph Sumner, to be executor for them to see that they are not wronged out of it, and I do appoint my son, John Chestnutt Sumner, to be executor of all my estate after my decease, till all is divided. This is my will and testament, Nov. 3rd, 1827.

Signed and delivered in presence of Martha (x) Kight,
Elizabeth (x) Kight, Jordan Flanders. Probated 8 Jan 1828, Emanuel Co, GA

Joseph C. Sumner, Sr. owned land at the time of his death and the land was sold 10 Feb 1831 to John C. Sumner. The sellers were described as the heirs of the estate of Joseph Sumner and were listed as Alexander Sumner, Joseph Sumner, Jesse Sumner, Nathan Land, William Flanders, and Nancy Sumner. Each heir received $27.00. The sale was witnessed by: Isaac Rowland; Reuben Thompson, JJC; Stephen Swain; Alexander Sumner, JP; and Susannah Wrene.

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